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Gym, Studio or Coffee Lounge - Hire our space and wow your clients or guests!

The Coffee Lounge

New in February, this is the main hub and 'spirit' of the Balance community and offers such a lovely atmosphere! You can relax with friends and have a coffee or tea when you come to the gym, or even set up your laptop using the free wifi and work away from home!


This could be used for:

- A get together with friends

- A pamper and spa session

- A fashion event

- A business networking event

- Parties

- Business meetings

- Webinars

- Quiz nights

 To book from September onwards:

The Gym

This includes cardio equipment (rowing machine, ski-erg and a bike) as well as free weight equipment, two benches and a squat rack.


This could be used for:

- 1:1 personal training

- Group training

- A workout with your friends

- Your own workout

- A new group class (hire by a certified instructor)

- Workshops and courses

- Webinars

To book from September onwards

The Studio

This is such a beautiful space with bi-fold doors opening out to a decking which can also be used. It also included Yoga mats, cushions, Yoga straps, boxing gloves, Pilates balls and more.


This could be used for:

- Birthday parties

- Kids parties

- Group classes e.g. Barre, Yoga, Pilates, Pole Fitness...(hired by a certified instructor)

- Dance rehearsals

- Your own workout

- Group workouts

- 1:1 Yoga or Pilates sessions

To book from September onwards:

Gym, Studio AND Coffee Lounge

If you'd like the use of the coffee lounge as well as the gym or studio, you can hire two rooms at once and save some money! 


For example, a party in the studio - you might like to arrange the food and use of the coffee machine in the lounge whilst the party goes on in the studio. Or a relaxing Yoga retreat, with an area in the lounge to come and relax in during the sessions.


To book from September onwards:

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