Yoga For Children Aged 4-8yrs

Updated: Jan 13

We have a course starting for your little ones!

If you think your children will benefit for an after school stretch out and get themselves moving around after sitting down at school, then this will be the perfect 6 week course for them to do.

Emma is the fantastic Yoga instructor who is taking this course, she has taught Yoga many Yoga classes for children and has a wealth of experience. Below, she explains the benefits for children's Yoga:

'We build strength, balance and co-ordination skills through games and challenges, partner work & relaxation stories.

The potential benefits to children who practice yoga include:

  • Emotional and stress regulation, equanimity, resilience

  • Coordination, balance, strength

  • Concentration, attention and mindfulness'

The courses will run for 6 weeks, once weekly on Saturdays starting soon. ( Look out for the announcement) They run termly and It is £34 for the whole course per child. Go to the timetable page on our website to book them in.

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