Kick Start For Summer!

Calling all those who need a little extra motivation push this Summer!

If you’re looking for a kick start to keep you in shape before the kids go back to school then this is perfect!

Sign up front for:

⭐️ Any classes of your choice here at Balance

⭐️ 3x per week (18 class passes)

⭐️ Choose from Yoga, Pilates, toning or cardio burn (or a mix of all!!)

⭐️ + access to our On Demand videos…to exercise wherever, whenever!

Going on holiday??

Either do an On Demand workout or join a live class virtually on Zoom!

What is the great value in £120??

Our classes normally cost £10 so you get SIX more extra than normal for the 6 weeks!!

ALSO our On Demand membership is normally £15 per month … you get this as an added extra…for FREE! 😱

Want to sign up??

Message us on 07776 146 920

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