How we learnt to respond, rather than react.

The start to 2021 was slightly different to the one we expected. We were all looking forward to the return of some normality, children returning to school, offices, shops, theatres, and cinemas all re-opening, and we were excited about seeing our customers return to working out with us. Unfortunately, the reality was yet more home-schooling and a return to spending more time at home.

We could have gone into panic mode; fretting about what the year ahead would mean for Balance and could we survive another year. But if 2020 had taught us anything, it was that we are all about community and instead of reacting we needed to pull together as a team and respond in the best way we knew how by providing flexible solutions for all of our members so they could continue exercising.

Coronavirus has exposed the hybrid model of exercising at home and in person and we have ensured that this must be an additional service that Balance provide. We introduced “Zoom Only Membership”, enabling customers to workout from home and join our classes virtually, reducing class sizes so that when people did return they were safe in the knowledge of not feeling like sardines in a class, paying even greater attention on ensuring all equipment was thoroughly cleaned before and after every class, making even more use of our outside space by purchasing a large gazebo to shelter those who preferred practising their yoga and pilates, (in the warmer months) outside.

Focusing on our clients mental and physical health and introducing new classes to help those who had felt very isolated during lock down (such as expectant mothers, who now have the opportunity to join a pre and post pregnancy yoga class with their babies) enabling them to spend time on themselves as well as meeting others in their area.

The world has changed, and we hope we have responded positively with it. People’s focus is very much on being healthy and yet needing flexibility and this drives our focus. Providing fitness classes that we believe will benefit everyone, whilst focusing on individual goals, helping clients to feel special everytime they step foot in Balance, or on Zoom but most importantly ensuring they feel better when they leave than when they arrived.

We also have an exciting new Coffee Lounge opening in January 2022, to enable our members to catch up with friends, make new ones or work somewhere other home.

Come and visit us to find out more and discover why you need Balance in your life.

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