Physical activity and nutrition are inextricably linked, and both need to be right for you to see results. That’s why we’ve partnered with Odhealth to offer you the ultimate combined fitness and nutrition package.

Through Odhealth you can now hire your own registered nutritionist… who, in short, are the most highly qualified people in the UK to help you with your nutrition.

You’ll work together during private consultations and your nutritionist will create your personal nutrition plans, tailored to your specific goals.

You can now work with experts across a huge range of areas like weight management, gut health and specific health conditions (see for the full range) and you will be matched you based on your specific needs.

Because of our partnership we can offer you an exclusive discount, and with prices starting at £31.50 for pay as you go sessions and £45 for monthly membership you don’t need to be a celebrity or elite athlete to have your own nutritionist .

We believe everyone has the right to proper nutrition

To redeem this offer use your unique code when checking out at

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