Qigong with Arron is back!

Updated: Jun 19

Bringing back the incredible Qigong workshops with Arron Collins-Thompson

We will be able to use the outside space so the stunning scenery will also help boost your mood & relieve any stress!

✳️ ‘Qigong is such a simple but effective practice that can be done by everyone’

✳️ It’s helped many people of the world improve their health and well-being

✳️ It’s a practice that leaves you feeling refreshed and re-energised, focusing on bringing about your body’s ‘energy force’

✳️ It’s a slow paced, mindful exercise to bring you back to the present and away from life’s chaos

Book all three via

- May 22nd

- June 26th

- July 10th


£20 per session

Taking place in our beautiful studio!

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