Balance is a gym and studio like no other. A unique and personal training space for small group classes or 1-1 personal training session.


All of our classes are now available live through Zoom which means that you can still enjoy over 40 classes per week from the comfort of you own home.


Set in the beautiful countryside, perched on top of a hill with beautiful views. It is peaceful, quiet and private and about as far removed as you can get form the bustle of a busy city gym with the added benefit of free parking and no traffic queues.

During the summer we are running our Teen Yoga classes are a weekly basis returning to a six week course in September.

Our Teen Yoga classes are specifically tailored to suit and meet the needs of teenagers. Helping to increase flexibility and strengthen the body. The classes will also promote self confidence and teens will leave feeling empowered & free of some of the stresses of daily life!

Kettlebells is an aerobic, muscle toning class which focuses on core strength. It is a low weight high rep class which will fatigue the muscles but will not be too heavy for any level.  

Get those abs, legs and all your body fit and toned for any season in this high energy work out. Outdoors in the warmer months and making use of the gym in the cover months. Using body weight and some fantastic equipment such as the Ski Erg, rower and bike as well a body weight exercises, this workout is a brilliant way to up your fitness levels in a small group.

Mini Trampoline Fitness for all ages & abilities.

This is a high cardio, low impact class designed for the body & mind. The first 40 minutes are jumping, and the last 20 minutes we tone the body by lying on the trampoline. It usually takes 3 sessions to get used to all of the bouncing and recognise the moves so stick with it ... but here's  a warning its addictive. 

Virtual Gentle Fitness is a low impact class helping you to regain your fitness at your own pace. 
This class is designed to help those who are recovering from injury or who have not done much exercise and want to start to get fitter and stronger. 

Pretty much one the most awesome workout ever. Dance to great music, with great people, and burn a huge amount of calories without even realising it!

Have you ever wanted to learn how to box? This is a great way to learn, whether you have boxed before or if you are a complete beginner. You will gain loads from this class as the class size of 6-8 people will make sure you get a lot of attention to form and be made to work hard.

Swiss Ball Yoga

Well rounded (excuse the pun) sequence including core stability stretch and relaxation. Suitable for all abilities


We run a vast array of yoga classes throughout the week including early morning, cardio, gentle, hatha flow and yin yoga.

All of our yoga instructors are highly trained and experienced and will focus on helping you with your movement, stretching and making sure your alignment is correct for each move. We keep our classes small, even our virtual ones to make sure that we can give everyone some individual attention. All of our yoga classes are very popular so make sure that you book in advance. 

Pilates is an exercise system that focuses on developing strong stomach muscles & core strength, stretching and strengthening the whole body to improve balance, muscle strength, flexibility and posture. Pilates will help to relieve back pain, stress and tension. Pilates is beneficial for both Men and Women and for women is is also an excellent way to tighten and lift weak pelvic floor muscles, particularly following surgery or childbirth.

Beginners Yoga Course

If you are looking to start yoga or would like a refresh if you haven't practised in a while then this is a perfect course for you.


A 30 minute lunchtime class with a different theme each time.

Stretch & Tone on a Monday,

Core on a Tuesday, 

Cardio on a Wednesday

& Legs, Bums & Tums on a Thursday.

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday

8.15AM - 8.00PM



​8.00AM - 11:00AM


Contact Us

White Lias, Loves Hill, Timsbury, Somerset, BA2 0EU

Tel: 07776 147920 / 07780 683598


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