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Balance The Countryside Gym and Studio

The Gym and Studio are set in beautiful countryside and is peaceful, quiet and private. It has been designed for all those who would like to train in idyllic surroundings in a personal and unique training space with free parking and no traffic queues into and out of Bath!

It is all about combining healthy living with personal training, coaching and mentoring unlike conventional gyms where it can sometimes feel impersonal and can be busy with loud music and an emphasis on youth.

I believe that everyone can get fitter and improve their quality of life whatever their age, size, shape or fitness level.

If you want a quieter and peaceful place to work out and get fit, then Balance The Countryside Gym and Studio could be the perfect option for you, with its mature environment and functional approach to training.

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Meet the team


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Sue Jackson | Owner

Sue's passion in life is to inspire people to have a fit and healthy lifestyle. Her vision with Balance was to create a warm and Inviting space for people to have a great time and work hard. Sue is a level 3 qualified Personal Trainer and have taken part in a number of sports herself over the years.


Sue currently covers for trainers in Boxercise, HIIT, Circuits, Kettlebells as well as PT clients.

Hobbies: Charity Trekking, walking my 3 dogs, playing golf and seeing my friends & family, 

Favourite films: Too many to mention! 

If I was a superhero, who would I be? Definitely Wonder Woman!

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Stephanie Weir | Pilates |  Baby Yoga | Power flow

Stephanie has been teaching Pilates for years in and around London, helping people of all levels She is a professional dance teacher too and brings the fun side.


Stephanie has a baby daughter and has begun teaching pre and post pregnancy yoga on Thurdays which has proved very popular. 


Having recently moved here she is enjoying a different way of living to the fast paced London, and is continuing to teach Pilates with us here on Thursdays as well as Powerflow on a Friday.. 

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Amy Dee-Jay | Yoga and Arial Yoga

Amy loves everything food related, eating out, exploring new cuisines and cooking/baking. She is passionate about yoga and enjoy exploring new and fun ways to use it from acroyoga to aerial yoga. She is also a keen climber.


Amy is a qualified physio and has an excellent knowledge of anatomy and rehabilitation. She is qualified in Hatha yoga and believes that everyone can benefit from yoga and that is very much about understanding your body and its abilities. She is also qualified in teaching ‘Aerial Yoga" she teaches yoga, pilates and aerial yoga.

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Vicky Rees-Davies | Qualified PT & Level 3 Fitness Instructor

Specialises in helping people to incorporate fitness into their daily lives and become the best version of themselves

Classes: Sculpt & Tone, HIIT, Kettlebells

Hobbies: Walking my dogs, dancing, laughing with friends, days out with my family, binge watching Netflix dramas

Favourite films: Chocolate, Dead Poets Society to name a few

If you could be a superhero who would you be: Wonderwoman - always wanted to since a small girl - kick ass the baddies while still looking fabulous!

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Kara Herbert | Yoga 

Yoga, Dance & Indian Head Massage (IHM) Practitioner, has been teaching for over 20 years and is registered with Yoga Alliance Professionals as an experienced teacher. Kara is qualified in Dance, Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Chakra Balancing, Yin and mindfulness, IHM

Classes: Hatha Yoga, Swiss Ball Yoga (her own creation) 1:1 Yoga workshops and Yoga retreats (at Balance and abroad)

Hobbies: Dancing, Yoga, walking, running, swimming, skiing, reading, gardening, having tea and cake with family and friends!

If you could be a superhero who would you be: Wonderwoman - who wouldn't want to be strong like her?

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Kathryn Edwards | HIIT, Circuits, Boxercise, PT 


Qualified as a PT in 2017, started teaching part time - now full time since 2019, teaching classes and 1:1 PT sessions at Balance

Classes: Boxercise, HIIT, Sculpt & Tone, Gym Circuits, Bootcamp

Hobbies: Grade 7 on the piano (also write my own music!), seeing my friends & family, parties, Muay Thai kickboxing, running and powerlifting

Favourite films: The Island, Passengers, The Terminal

If I was a superhero, who would I be? Black Widow because she has no powers but is still kick-ass!

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Sara-Jane Welch | Pilates 


Sara-Jane is a Level 3 pilates mat instructor who has been teaching for over 10 years. She is also an ex professional dancer  and has her own studio as well as teaching here at Balance She teaches both physically and now on Zoom here at the studio.

Sara-Jane is currently covering for Jess Lynch who is on maternity leave. 

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Jo Green | Yoga


Jo has been a fully qualified (Vinyasa, Gentle/Slow flow, Power, Yin, Yang/Yin and Meditation) Yoga Teacher since 2016 and can think of nothing she would rather be doing. She aims to create a space for students to evolve, grow, learn and play. Every student is on a unique journey and she is honoured to be a part of the process.

Hobbies: Yoga (obviously)... When I'm not teaching or practicing I run a small all natural Candle Business; Wilde Candle Co. I also love to travel, read and spend as much time as possible with my new puppy, my partner and my friends.

Favourite Films: The Mummy, Django, Blood Diamond... Anything with Leo actually... The list is endless!

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